they treat there help very poorly

don't always pay them or find ways

to slash there pay

workers have waited for there pay on Fridays

only to be told they will not receive it till Monday

with bills to pay and mouths to feed most of these workers are trying to take care of there families Brian O'Connell

could care less about his workers as long as him and his family are fine poor business ethics in my opinion workers deserve better then this this guy isn't worth working for and I'd tell anyone considering it to run away far and fast

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It is impossible for an employee to not receive a paycheck on a payday given that they are paid through a payroll service which requires payment on Thursday for Friday dispersment. 6 members of one crew of 7 were found to have been not only doing drugs at the work place, but stealing time and materials. For any employer, that is grounds for termination which obviously crates disgruntled attitudes.

Palm Harbor, Florida, United States #714229

You should complain to the Pinellas County Construction License Board and the Department of Justice/ Consumer Affairs. The public needs to be warned...

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